POETs Progressive Dinner & Tour

Immersive, Educational, Agri-CULTURE, Adventure Experience

Every Friday, under a romantic sunset, take Entrees in the Vineyard, Mains by fire in the Cellardoor surrounded by candles and twinkles in the high vaulted ceilings, and wrap up with a walk through the winery to end in the heady Barrelroom with decadent Dessert in the heart Granite Belt’s highest altitude 5-Star winery. Enjoy the afterglow of dinner with an after-dinner digestif.

Stroll under the Milky Way stars back to your vehicle and take in the clear airs.

AGFG ReadersChoice 2022 Awarded chef prepares a gourmet meal of scallops, prawns, lamb, Angus beef, cheeses and delightful desserts, in three different locations. Drink/take away 4 bottles of wine as a memento.

Be escorted by the Vignerons and owners of the winery. Romantic music, candlelight, roaring fires, soaring ceilings, smell the beautiful roses, soak up the heady oak and new wine smell of the Barrelroom.

Indulge in this exclusive, luxurious, private experience.

Event Details

Date:25 May 2024
Time:5 pm
Address:747 Granite Belt Drive, Cottonvale, QLD 4375

Event Location

Approximately 27km from Glen Lough Cabins.

747 Granite Belt Drive, Cottonvale, QLD 4375