About Glen Lough

An introduction to your Irish hosts, Sheila & Pat.

Pat and Sheila, are your hosts.

Embarking on an enchanting Australian odyssey, Pat and I, both originally from Ireland, stumbled upon a myriad of captivating landscapes.

In the vast tapestry of Australia's wonders, one place held an irresistible allure – Sundown National Park and the delightful town of Stanthorpe. Pat, affectionately calling Sundown his "second home," drew us back like a magnetic force every weekend.

Mesmerized by the untamed beauty and Pat's intimate connection with Sundown, we decided to make Glen Aplin our permanent haven a few years ago. Now, nestled in the heart of this idyllic retreat, we relish the tranquil embrace of the area and have grown fond of the laid-back vibe of the locals.

Our sanctuary in Glen Aplin has become a source of boundless joy and tranquillity. It's not just a home; it's a refuge where the harmonious symphony of nature and the warmth of the community intertwine seamlessly. And as if the story couldn't get more enchanting, we discovered another gem – Girraween National Park. Adding a new chapter to our adventure, Girraween's rugged landscapes and unique charm captivated us. Weekend explorations now include the majestic granite formations and wild beauty of Girraween, enriching our love affair with this part of Australia.

So, here's your invitation to step into our world, where the whispers of Sundown National Park, the embrace of Glen Aplin, and the rugged allure of Girraween National Park converge to create a little slice of heaven we're eager to share with you.

So, the next time you are needing Stanthorpe accommodation, come and experience the magic that stole our hearts, making us grateful residents of this Aussie paradise!