Amiens Legacy Centre

Preserving the memory of the settlers.
Preserving the memory of the settlers.

About 14 km south-west of Stanthorpe is the village of Amiens where over 100 years ago, returning soldiers from the Great War toiled to bring the Pikedale Soldier Settlement into being.

The Amiens History Assn has worked tirelessly to provide this home for all the artefacts, history and residents’ stories about this unique soldier settlement. Unique, you ask? Yes, unique because this is the only one where all the villages along the connecting rail line are named after WW1 battles in which the Diggers played a pivotal role.

Fleurbaix (Fromelles), Pozieres, Bullecourt, Passchendaele, Bapaume, Messines and the administrative centre at Amiens. The village names were approved by the soldiers because of the peaceful surroundings.

Visit the refurbished 1909 carriage, be amazed by the Family Memorial Stone, walk over the Bailey Bridge honouring all the engineers in all conflicts, see short video clips in the Passchendaele Shed, learn about HRH Edward, Prince of Wales’s visit in 1920, picnic at the topiary train, admire the Remembrance quilt, learn about the site from the information boards, marvel at Franco’s mural “Forging a Future after the Trenches”, see the remaining original buildings in Amiens or visit on Sundays between 10 am and 1 pm when we have guided tours and the carriage is opened.

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Address:17 Goldfield Road, Amiens, QLD 4380
Telephone:0419 909 446

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Approximately 20km from Glen Lough Cabins.

17 Goldfield Road, Amiens, QLD 4380